Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Road Trip Day One

...and so it begins!  My cross country road trip from Chicago to Los Angeles.  Here are a few highlights:

cute info-graphic near the hand dryers

Crossing the M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I

We were closing in on Des Moines, Iowa and instead of stopping at the Applebee's or Chili's off the highway, my dad and I decided to search "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" to see if they had been to any restaurant in Iowa's capital.  We were in luck!

Arriving on a Monday night there was about a 20 minute wait, so we figured it had to be worth the wait.  We grabbed an Iowa micro-brew and browsed the menu.  Fong's is actually known for its pizza!  And more specifically their Crab Rangoon pie.  They have other Chinese food inspired pizzas like Beef and Broccoli, "Fongolian" Beef, Shrimp and Pineapple. 

My dad and I went for the Kung Pao Chicken Pizza
loaded with spicy chicken, red and green peppers, a stir fry mix, mozzarella and green onion
We split the 10" size and started with an order of the crispiest egg rolls I had enjoyed in ages
What made the pizza even better was the addition of the left of sweet chili sauce, hot mustard and Sriracha!

So if you ever find yourself in Des Moines, I highly recommend trying Fong's Pizza for a fun atmosphere and good food. After our dinner, we continued on the road a couple more hours and spent the night in Lincoln, Nebraska.  We're off to Denver tomorrow!

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