Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday Finds


One month until Christmas.  Hope that didn't stress anyone out, I mean Thanksgiving is on Thursday, so one holiday at a time people.  This also happens to be the first time I've come back to Chicago since moving to LA, and I couldn't be happier to spend time with my family and friends!  And this bundle of love:

meet Lucy
So with the inevitable stress that comes with the holidays, give yourself a couple moments to do something for you, whether it's listening to a new song, eating a pastry with your coffee instead of a granola bar, or going up to the roof of a building to watch the sunset.  It's always the little things, the unexpected gems that put a smile on your face!  

 saw the foxes at a great LA venue, the troubadour.  she sings "clarity" which was made popular by zedd
  croissant from la conversation
 a gorgeous sunset after a gloomy la day -yes we get those- if you squint your eyes you can see the hollywood sign just left of center
 there's something so beautiful about ice crystals

two legendary and revolutionary filmmakers.  geeked out and had to document their hollywood stars

happy monday! 
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Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Finds


Call me crazy, but I like Mondays.  I see them as a clean slate and find myself creating weekly "to dos", lists of all kinds (goals, grocery, wish, songs to download).  Seeing that not everyone is on board with Mondays, I thought I'd start a weekly series documenting five things that are inspiring, funny, random, etc...just some little things that are making my Monday better.  Hopefully yours too!

 almond milk latte at Gjelina-- because you're like not a real LA restaurant if you don't have almond milk, duh!! (say in the californians accent)
 speakeasy bar dirty laundry in hollywood: you have to know which name to press in order to enter.
love the nod to guys and dolls.
 some cheeky house "rules" clearly meant to be broken 
obsessed with Tory Burch's first perfume and adding it to my *holiday wish list*
 art deco notebooks to keep all my notes in one place
this has been my laptop background for a while. a great reminder to embrace all of life's moments!

happy monday xoxo

Wednesday, November 13, 2013



Over the weekend I went back to UNC for the Homecoming game vs. UVA.  I will report that UNC did win, but the real reason I flew back was to have a reunion with my college friends.  Sure it’s only been six months since most of us have seen each other, but with all of the change that comes post-college it was a much needed weekend filled with sharing stories, lots of hugs, plenty of laughs and …reverting back to college drinking habits (glad that isn’t the norm every weekend).   I will forever be thankful that Chapel Hill brought together my eclectic crew, they are all doing amazing things already and I can’t wait to share their successes on my blog.  xoxo

friday night and we're back!
 reunited with my suitemates
 tailgating essential
 sorry there wasn't any 5 Alive Al!
get in the picture Al!
 much better-missed you Paige!
shameless tailgating selfie in the Carolina Inn's bathroom
such a pretty layout
then we made our way to he's not after finishing the game at TOPO (sorry no pics)
they have the best paintings all around the outdoor area
then this happened...and my friends were not surprised!
 later that night...CH now offers golf cart transportation to bars--clearly we thought that's genius!
 had a few too many of these as we stayed out....
that begs the question:
"which is better for hangovers, Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen's chicken cheddar biscuit or Merritt's blt w/ avocado?"

you be the judge and let me know!

Until next time Chapel Hill...