Wednesday, November 13, 2013



Over the weekend I went back to UNC for the Homecoming game vs. UVA.  I will report that UNC did win, but the real reason I flew back was to have a reunion with my college friends.  Sure it’s only been six months since most of us have seen each other, but with all of the change that comes post-college it was a much needed weekend filled with sharing stories, lots of hugs, plenty of laughs and …reverting back to college drinking habits (glad that isn’t the norm every weekend).   I will forever be thankful that Chapel Hill brought together my eclectic crew, they are all doing amazing things already and I can’t wait to share their successes on my blog.  xoxo

friday night and we're back!
 reunited with my suitemates
 tailgating essential
 sorry there wasn't any 5 Alive Al!
get in the picture Al!
 much better-missed you Paige!
shameless tailgating selfie in the Carolina Inn's bathroom
such a pretty layout
then we made our way to he's not after finishing the game at TOPO (sorry no pics)
they have the best paintings all around the outdoor area
then this happened...and my friends were not surprised!
 later that night...CH now offers golf cart transportation to bars--clearly we thought that's genius!
 had a few too many of these as we stayed out....
that begs the question:
"which is better for hangovers, Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen's chicken cheddar biscuit or Merritt's blt w/ avocado?"

you be the judge and let me know!

Until next time Chapel Hill...


  1. Hi Natalie!

    What a gorgeous blog!

    Absolutely LOVE your outfit here; white lace skirt paired with a chambray shirt and tartan scarf is a match made in heaven! Lusting over this scarf now - shame we're going into summer in Australia - won't be in store here…

    Would love to follow Firecracker Red (and it'd be great if you could follow us back!). Please check out Honey & Lulu for our latest posts, with more to come later this week!


    1. Thanks Chloe and Sarah! Just followed you on bloglovin'! Might be messaging you 2 about some blogging "how-tos" because I'm new to this. The scarf is from Zara in case you want to snag it and save it for a chilly day :) xx