Tuesday, March 4, 2014

your plate or mine?


In honor of Mardi Gras, my first post on my trip to Barcelona will revolve around its yummy food.  Enjoy!

 If you've ever eaten with me, there have probably been times when my fork has not so subtly grabbed a bite of your food.  Sorry- it's a family thing!  We like to share food, and I like to try everything. Which made tapas style perfect for my brother and me.  We'd browse the menu and choose at least 5 things to start, and inevitably have space for more food.  So back to the menu for the next two items that caught our eye.  All washed down with some wine or cava (Spain's version of champagne).  He also introduced me to a sandwich shop called Bo de B'.  Life changing.  Imagine your favorite sandwich shop, mine's Potbelly's, add the freshness of Chipotle's ingredients and meats, plus the addition of Mediterranean toppings- think fresh feta, lentils, etc.  and you get this sandwich shop.  The shop is small but all of the sandwiches are made with TLC- there will be a line and you will thank me and whoever else suggested it when you take your first bite.   And the churros!  Find a small shop that is just a "churreria" and treat yourself for breakfast or an afternoon snack.  And always get a cortado (espresso with a bit of steamed milk) or hot chocolate.  The fried dough begs to be dipped! 

One of our first meals was at an amazing restaurant called Sensi Bistro
 traditional bread rubbed with tomato and olive oil
 half vat of paella
 cucumber, goat cheese, lightly fried with almonds and honey--need I say more?
 duck, potato, parmesan
I spy a squid head
mussels with creme fraiche
 I asked the gentleman next to us to take a picture...which turned into a photo shoot
  no real "winners" but these are way better

back to food... and more traditional tapas
 tuna with hearts of palm
 that meat though!
 spanish omlette
potatos bravas
cava in classic champagne coups

we did "cheat" one day and get a slightly american lunch...
 this bad boy up close
chorizo and pickles with chimichurri= an amazing savory combo
all washed down with another cocktail
 one serving of churros with a cortado
 dip that baby
 churros in the making
 they're not cut until after cooking, who knew?
thick hot chocolate with a churro changes the game

And last but not least....

 first timer
second time around I unwrapped it as I ate (burrito style)
all washed down with some fresh juice from the boqeria

Eat your heart's desire today and every time you travel!
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  1. I've eaten squid before, but I've never had an entire squid head...do you cut it apart? Also, those churros look delicious, and the duck almost looks like a dessert.


    Another Beautiful Thing

    1. I ended up cutting up the squid head yes-- tasted like the rest of the body! The churros were fabulous so fresh!!

      xx Natalie